Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Kago at Anatomy

Me and Abi culturally thought it would be a great idea to go to the London International Documentary Film Festival. Tonight's topic was 'beauty'. bleurgh.
After wondering the alleys of UCL and being informed that there was a power cut in the Anatomy building where the documentary was being held (which, now looking back might have been a sign or warning of what be ahead of us?!) we ended up with a small group of eco-lovin-tree-huggin-dark-chocolate people, who were also making thier way to Kago. Anyway being the dedicated film troopers (ahem) as we are, we continued with the 'Pocketvisions' experience. Me and Abi spent most of the time laughing about 'Anatomy'. Let me explain.Try and say 'I don't know me' out loud several times and then what you should hear is the word Anatomy. genius?
Anyway it wasn't what I needed at 8pm, too intense, and its not as if could sit back and relax because i had to read my way through even though I did pick up some's just not the same. Especially when I all wanted to watch is Masterchief. So we left with probably half an hour left. And headed to Carnaby St for some cha cha moon. grease.

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