Sunday, 23 January 2011

Night Works- Robert Mapplethorpe

Alison Jacques at Alison Jacques.
Having finished "Just Kids" by Patti Smith, there was nothing that could stop me attending Night Works. The exhibition is curated by curated by Scissor Sisters, who chose Robert Mapplethorpe's photographs, polaroids and sculptures.

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Curry Knights, was founded by Alex Jukes (Rogan Ravager) and Leo Gizzi (Captain Curry-geous) in January 2008. 
My first Friday of the Month is dedicated to this food fest. We are normally, as quoted by the group's page, "A brave troupe of fearless spicy food fanatics that traverse the vast kingdom of Ealing in search for the holiest of grails; a banging curry. Uniting in force on the first friday of every month when their tastebuds are at their peak, these heroic adventurers test every curry house in the ghetto of ealing the only way they know how; one restaurant at a time."
It is embarrassingly true that I get ecstatic about such an event. But it is the whole concept. From, thinking of "Currified Names" like 'Dr Who and the Dhaaleks' and 'Aloo Aloo' to Jukes', to the, almost monthly, currified message and to debating why we are being charged £4.40 extra for no apparent reason (even when we include our tips).

Ideally, I would love a muesli club, but until I have one more member, other than myself, I am happy munching on poppadoms and disappointing everyone by not having cash but card to pay with. It seems to annoy just about everyone these days...the way I like to keep it as well.