Monday, 4 October 2010

Roll up Roll up!!!

The concept of 'Pop up's' are definitely a growing trend. Disused, abandoned, derelict and cast off urban spaces are being regenerated by the creative and artistic population. Tonight I would like to say that I gate-crashed the latest and perhaps most exciting Pop Up event yet to happen- Cineroleum.

A group of young architects, artists and designers transformed Clerkenwell's abandoned petrol station into a pop-up Cinema for the summer. I found this extremely inspiring- It's an idea that I always find myself questioning-why didn't 'I' up with that?! Temporary pop-boutiques allows artists and creatives to source new outlets.

Everything is hand-built from the paper tickets, chairs, curtains to the pop-corn!

I interviewed Alice Edgerley from Cineroleum!

click and zoom to read!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


My only fashion show this season was Burberry...

 (and in all honesty, the only one I care about)

Christopher Bailey housed the fashion elite - Vogue's Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, Mario Testino, Deep Kailey, Hamish Bowles and the new era of front-row-fashion-celebs such as Alexa Chung, S.J.P, Serena Williams, Andy Murray and Cat Deely.

Despite the show being effortlessly spectacular, I feel that it was dominated by the front row. Do I really need the celebrity status to confirm or approve that the show will be good - are they the equivalent of the traditional 5 stars? Am I looking to much into this? Yes!

Nonetheless- pierced leather, petite dresses and un-walkable 8 inch heels have quite rightly appeared on my wish list. (Note: for the model who took her heels off-like...c'mon who cares if you can't walk in them be grateful you tried them on!!!...or just settle for a Naomi)

I left the show with one phrase in my head-
'To DIE for daaarlin!'


Friday, 17 September 2010



No sign of  GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY last night. 

What a shame, I had some of my professional questions ready to ask
1) What's your best skate trick?
2) If you could skate anywhere-where would it be?
3) What's next...?
4) What did you have for breakfast?
I was even on Google Translate- translating it all and then writing the script out in russian! When, I finally came to the conclusion (mainly the brutal reality) that I'm not multilingual, and  that there was no hope with google, I decided my only possible option was to ring pretty much anyone who I thought could or would perhaps know someone in London who could speak Russian ANDD who would like to accompany me to the exhibition. Desperate times? Hell Yes! 

Regardless, of Gosha's whereabouts at the time of his Private View, the exhibition was fresh, new and exciting. 14 nameless photos spread throughout the tiny gallery in Farringdon which was packed to the street. 

Here are my favourite photographs!

This is just what I wanted to see, an insight to Russian youth and one of the most inspiring artists/photographers/designers/younameit at the moment-G.Rubchinskiy!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Teeth!!! My New Favourite Band

I suppose when Timeout suggest that you should 'arrive super-early as it's gonna be impossibly rammed' for the Eat Your Own Ears night...don't think otherwise. By 8pm Old Blue was buzzing, and I was psyched to interview the Teeth Trio- Veronica, Ximon (Babes) and Simon before their set.


High point: See Spaces and my ears ringing till the next morning- a clear sign that it was a brilliant Old Blue moment.

Low point:  Friends who were turned away because it was too full.

How hard do TEETH rock?: They rocked just the right side of hard!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

1st Sunday of the Month

A group of Trolls...this is my worst nightmare! Anyone remember when kids put them on the top of pencils? My mum bought me one-I wasn't impressed.

Before it becomes rubble...

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Berlin. Turkish Market, CFA, Loop Raum, Findus Verkauf are just a few of the places I went to.
It was my mini holiday which turned into a mini adventure. Being stuck in Berlin for an extra 3 nights because of the volcano eruption in Iceland...well...I'm not complaining...even though I did end up getting the Ice Bahn to Brussels and the Eurostar to home-London in the end.

Monday, 22 February 2010

London Fashion Week

 Emilio De La Morena
My first show was Emilio De La Morena. A show that was dominated with mini dresses that defined the feminine silhouette and a colour pallet of teal blue, rich brown and rusty fiery orange. 
John Rocha
I was quite apprehensive about going to the John Rocha show, I can't help but immediately think of Debenhams. Anyway, I, from this day on, can never associate John Rocha and Debs ever again, his collection was fun, raw and 'Urbane'.
Meadham Kirchhoff
One thing is certain I loved the venue...
Hectic and tiring, but impressive and inspiring nonetheless