Friday, 17 September 2010



No sign of  GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY last night. 

What a shame, I had some of my professional questions ready to ask
1) What's your best skate trick?
2) If you could skate anywhere-where would it be?
3) What's next...?
4) What did you have for breakfast?
I was even on Google Translate- translating it all and then writing the script out in russian! When, I finally came to the conclusion (mainly the brutal reality) that I'm not multilingual, and  that there was no hope with google, I decided my only possible option was to ring pretty much anyone who I thought could or would perhaps know someone in London who could speak Russian ANDD who would like to accompany me to the exhibition. Desperate times? Hell Yes! 

Regardless, of Gosha's whereabouts at the time of his Private View, the exhibition was fresh, new and exciting. 14 nameless photos spread throughout the tiny gallery in Farringdon which was packed to the street. 

Here are my favourite photographs!

This is just what I wanted to see, an insight to Russian youth and one of the most inspiring artists/photographers/designers/younameit at the moment-G.Rubchinskiy!

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